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Malaysia's home purchase policy? What are the conditions to immigrate to Malaysia?

Malaysia’s home purchase policy?

Firstly, Malaysia is suitable for investment due to its rapid economic development. In the past ten years, the average annual economic growth has recorded a total of 5% thus, stabilise the economic development. Two of the projects developed by Country Garden which is one of the top 10 real estate developers in China are located in the one-hour living circle of the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Secondly, what does the capital’s one-hour living circle mean? Think of the cities Beijing, New York, Tokyo, London and other capitals where the house prices are mostly above 30,000, while it is only 25,000 in Malaysia.

Thirdly, in line with Malaysia’s economic growth, the future increase of housing prices is considered conceivable. Besides, Malaysia’s real estate development regulations are adequate along with the security of the real estate market which is strictly regulated by the national laws.

Fourthly, the loan interest is low, at about 4.4% and the down payment is low with high rates. There are no such stable investment projects in other countries.

So, what are the conditions to immigrate to Malaysia?

Firstly, there are many overseas buyers who mistakenly believe that they can immigrate to Malaysia when they buy a property in the country. In fact, these are two different things so do not be confused by any intermediary or real estate companies. If you would like to obtain overseas residency and you are sure to stay in Malaysia for a period of time, then you can apply for the Malaysia My Second Home program. This program will grant you the right of abode and enjoy a range of benefits and conveniences in life.

Secondly, Malaysia goes by an economic system which is nation interest-oriented and a relatively welcoming country. At the same time, Malaysia has become a strikingly emerging market economy and a diversified emerging industrial country in Asia. According to the staff of the Immigration Services, the “immigration tide” in the past two years is said to be very hot. Hopefully, everyone who wishes to purchase a property and immigrate can look at the “immigration tide” in a calm and objective manner.

Above are what we would like to introduce to everyone today. We believe that all who read the article will have a better understanding of the home purchase policy in Malaysia. Those who wish to purchase a house in Malaysia should take them into consideration carefully. For those who wish to immigrate to Malaysia, they should be aware and understand clearly the conditions required to immigrate to the country. It is no acceptable if they do not meet the conditions. Hope that this article will be of help to everyone!

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