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7 International Schools In Iskandar Puteri

As parents, it is no wonder that you regard your child’s education to be of the utmost importance as most would probably agree that having a good education is the one of the best investments out there. Education starts from young and with the increase of demands in a more holistic education with an emphasis on the English language which is known as a global language, Malaysia has since joined the international school bandwagon with many quality international schools with state-of-the-art facilities being borne on the shores of the country.

One main area that remains to grow exponentially in being an education hub is Iskandar Puteri where technology meets urbanization and education is one of the main sectors that has seen rapid growth and improvement. Be ready to be spoilt for choice with the list of investment-worthy international schools that we would like to introduce below.


Raffles American School

Education starts at an early age they say and we could not agree more. Raffles American School is known as the only K-12 school in Southeast Asia that has its own planetarium which is a great feat. Students range from pre-kindergarten to 12th graders and they are sure to enjoy a holistic education with the adoption of an American curriculum. Experienced teachers and their pledge to sustainability are key factors for the success of the institution. Parents can expect to invest from 33,500 to 88,000 MYR tuition fees for their child’s education here. Having said that, one can only see this as a sound investment to be made due to the school’s accreditation by The Western Association Schools and Colleges (WASC).

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Marlborough College Malaysia

For parents who prefer the British curriculum, we have the Marlborough College Malaysia which serves not just as a day school but a boarding school as well. The Marlborough College Malaysia offers education from nursery to Year 11 and IGCSE courses are provided with students able to earn the International Baccalaureate Diploma for their pre-university qualification. This international school strives to cultivate well-rounded individuals that are able to unleash their inner potential. Fees starts from 84,000 MYR per annum at the nursery level and differ according to day school learning and boarding school learning.

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Sunway International School

Located in Medini, the Ontario (Canada) curriculum aims to nurture and educate students as young as the early years up to Grade 10. After that, students can go on to enroll in the IB Diploma Programme at the pre-university level which could only prove to be a wise education investment seeing that Sunway Iskandar is accredited as an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. One of its many desirable traits is its accessibility, located at a strategic location near to major spots in the state and international airports such as Senai International Airport in Johore and Changi International Airport in Singapore.  

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Mount Kelly International

Mount Kelly is one unique school in that it educates students from a very early age and when we say early, it means students range from babies and toddlers to preschool. Children are educated using the British curriculum which can be more specifically divided into the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and English National Curriculum. The school prides in its Shackleton Programme where students are encouraged to pick up leadership and teamwork at a very young age in ensuring success not only in their education but holistically as well. Annual tuition fees are from 45,000 to 55,000 MYR per semester and they cover educational materials such as textbooks and workbooks.

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Stellar International School 

This independent international school is situated in Puteri Harbour, Johore and houses students ranging from the age of 3 to 18. Backed up with an international education research and adopting the best teaching strategies, one can only expect excellence and confidence in the learning process at Stellar International School. Pledging for a more sustainable future, the school has since become a member of the Global Schools Program, adopting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in guiding all students to be global citizens and future leaders with sustainability global issues in mind. One of its approaches that we would like to highlight is the S.T.E.A.M Education that focuses on science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics as the main areas in addressing global problems and issues.

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Shattuck- St Mary’s School Forest City, Johor

Shattuck-St Mary’s is definitely one of the many schools that promotes a globalized environment with its reputation as a coeducational boarding and day school. The school in Malaysia is fairly new with its first intake of students in the fall of 2018 but it is definitely a great opportunity for students to integrate in a conducive environment for learning surrounded by the serenity and greeneries of Forest City. The American curriculum offered here aims to deliver a truly international experience for the students. Shattuck- St Mary’s School is divided into divisions of early childhood, elementary, middle and high schools according to the students’ learning development. Its annual tuition fees range from 69,000 MYR to 166,500 MYR (boarding student).

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Tenby Schools Setia Eco Garden

Tenby Schools has gained a solid reputation in the international school scene in the country going as far as winning two prestigious awards, The Brandlaureate Best Brand Award and the Reader’s Digest Award in the School Education category. The school is catered to educating students aged 4 to 17 providing them an opportunity to pursue their education in the International Primary Curriculum and UK National Curriculum that leads to either the IGCSE or the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examinations. Parents can be assured that their children are in good hands where Tenby Schools strives to equip all students with the required 21st skills in preparing for the various challenges of the world in the future. The mixture of both local and international educators makes for maximized learning with different ideas and perspectives to be shared and explored. Fees are according to terms with three terms in a year ranging from 4,440 to 12,180 per term.

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There you have it. Be prepared to be spoilt for choice while researching and choosing an educational institution for your child. Receiving an international and global education can be done so in the country itself where each student is given the opportunity to receive maximized learning while adopting the characteristics of one who is able to immerse in a globalized situation while tackling the various challenges and issues globally.

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