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The Ultimate Answers to all MM2H Frequently Asked Questions

The Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme is initiated by the Malaysian government in attracting foreign capital, promoting the tourism industry and developing the country’s economy. The purpose of the programme is to encourage foreigners to live in Malaysia for an extended period of time.

Since its implementation, the programme has attracted a large number of foreigners to settle down in Malaysia with its lower threshold, simpler procedures and more favourable treatment towards the applicants. It has since opened up a path for attracting foreign investment in Malaysia besides contributing towards a unique tourism industry in the country.

History and Background                             

The second home project was first put into action in 1996 with the Ministry of Tourism in Malaysia implementing a long-term residency programme for foreign retired elderly people. More commonly known as the “Silver Hair Programme” then, it aimed to encourage foreign retired senior citizens to travel and settle down in Malaysia with their pensions over a long period of time.

Benefits of Moving to Malaysia

The superior living environment is the main reason for the success of the MM2H program in Malaysia. Malaysia has a stable political and economic environment, equip with state of the art infrastructure and great convenience in terms of transportation by sea, land and air. The climate in Malaysia is warm and moderate all year round. The society is made up of a multicultural community which is diverse in culture and language. Plus, the country’s uniqueness where fusion of western and Asian elements can be experienced with low consumption levels.

The MM2H programme appeals to the foreigners in four main aspects and they are wide variety of Malaysian food from different cultures, competitive education system, adequate tourist resources and low housing prices.

  1. Is the MM2H programme a project for immigration purposes?

Strictly speaking, the MM2H programme is not completely a project for immigration plan, but a long-term conditional permanent residence plan that is visa-free. Simply put, it is a relocation privilege which gives a different kind of residence identity to the applicants.

Unlike other forms of immigrations where certain immigration documents are required and filings to be done in the country, this programme is highly flexible in that it provides freedom where you can choose to use the identity when under the programme or leave it unused where it is not necessary. Of course, when under the programme, it comes with many privileges.

  1. We can live richer lives in our own country as compared to Malaysia. Why do we need to relocate to a small country like Malaysia?

Many countries are richer than Malaysia in terms of total population volume but fare worse in terms of welfare. Malaysia attracts people from all over the world with friendly and moderate community, lower living expenses, well-developed infrastructure, mesmerising natural environment, high- quality education system, and diverse culture along with fuss-free visas.

Therefore, Malaysia is ranked as the most liveable country in Asia and ranked 2nd among other most popular countries to immigrate.

  1. Is Chinese exclusion relevant in Malaysia?

This does not happen in Malaysia. The Malaysian society is a multicultural society. People from all ethnic groups such as the Malays, Chinese, Indians and others get along harmoniously where they study, work and live together. Plus, the Chinese who account for nearly a quarter of the entire population are economically dominant. In politics, the Chinese ruling party holds a quarter of the overall seats and even some states are dominantly ruled by the Chinese ruling party.

  1. Is Malaysia an ideal place to live? Why choose to retire and live in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a highly liveable country. This is due to the country’s high-quality lifestyle, low living expenses, good air transportation system and healthcare facilities, adequate educational opportunities, excellent infrastructure, multicultural society, beautiful landscape and environment plus pleasant climate.

  1. Is Malaysia the country with the lowest immigration threshold in the world? Why?

Yes. According to Malaysia’s regulations, applicants under the age of 50 only need to open a fixed deposit account in a Malaysian bank and deposit a total of RM300,000 to enjoy tax-exemption for the whole family.

Half of it can be taken out in the second year to pay for real estate, medical and others. This is halved for those over 50 years old.


  1. How does participating in the MM2H programme benefit me? Is it for me if I do not wish to go abroad?

Children are able to receive to high-quality international bilingual education. As for those overseas students who participate in the college entrance examination, they are able to obtain a prestigious degree in Europe and America faster and cheaper.

For the young and middle-aged, it is fairly convenient to apply for visas to travel abroad while avoiding various domestic complications. Registered companies will find it easier to invest in tax-free enterprises and enable the transfer of funds to foreign countries at a higher interest and lower risk. Besides, buying a freehold housing abroad to facilitate immigration is made easier.

On the other hand, the elderly get to enjoy high-quality social facilities, low living expenses and a beautiful environment to spend your retirement days. Figuratively, it means that you have bought a “world-class insurance” for your whole family.

  1. You do not have to immigrate in order to settle down overseas anytime. Do you believe this?

According to the MM2H programme, you do not have to go through complicated procedures as seen in other countries’ immigration requirements. You can just simply fill in a few forms and if you meet the required conditions, then you can settle down overseas for 2-6 months.

  1. Which country enables a foreign citizen to go abroad without a visa?

As long as you are under the MM2H programme, you can get unlimited visa-free access for 10 years and renew while still maintaining your status as a your country's citizen. As for visas to the third country, there are more than 160 countries in the world that you can apply for visa exemption for Malaysia. The MM2H programme enables one to go to a third country without going back to your country of origin for documentation purposes.

Besides, visa application and approval are made much easier as compared to doing so in the country of origin and this paves the path for international access.

  1. How to obtain an overseas identity at the same time? Does it affect my citizenship status?

Upon joining the MM2H programme, you are able to obtain a special status in Malaysia and enjoy various benefits. You do not have to give up any status, welfare benefits, career or social relationships in order to enjoy these benefits.

There is no need to apply for a visa to Malaysia as you are able to enjoy a special second-home VIP access at the Malaysian international airport. You just need to submit a pass and there is no need to go through complicated and lengthy custom clearance procedures at the airport.

  1. Does participating in the MM2H programme means that it is not ideal to migrate to other countries. Is it affected?

It does not affect your immigration to other countries but in fact, it helps. Due to you being under the MM2H programme, it will increase your credibility and will in fact be a plus point for you when reviewed by the immigration agencies overseas.

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