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Why You Won't Regret When Choosing To Study In Malaysia?

This is due to Malaysia’s upgraded education system every year, attracting experienced teachers from all over the world. At the same time, universities in Malaysia have reached a strong cooperative relationship with various institutions in many highly-developed countries.

Malaysian universities and schools have mutual cooperation and interaction, and the standards of Malaysian universities are supervised by the Malaysian Ministry of Education. What attracts students and teachers to study and teach in Malaysia besides the lovely weather and life? This is due to the increase of reputation in the international community and Asia and this has become a trend.

Malaysia’s reputation continues to rise along with the overall trend in Asia. The following factors are part of the reason why students strongly consider Malaysia as a destination to study abroad:

  1. Strong relationship with the main campus overseas

The latest trend in Asia is that more and more professors have come out from the more common countries such as the United Kingdom and the United States and have chosen to come to teach in Malaysia. This is due to the upgrading of the system in Malaysia every year, attracting teachers from all over the world. At the same time, the universities in Malaysia have also established strong partnerships with institutions from various countries in providing double degree courses;

This actually allows students to opt to study at a university in Malaysia for 2 -3 years before finishing the remaining year at a foreign university. This is a good choice for Chinese students who wish to study in Europe or America but are not ready to make a full investment.

  1. Extensive use of English

Some Chinese students may feel nervous about speaking English. However, if you know that for local Malaysian students, English is widely used and it is a compulsory subject, you will be happy about it. In many colleges and universities, English is the main language and even prioritized in some official documents.

Although there are more than 130 different languages in Malaysia, Chinese is one of the popular languages, and with the influence of China, it provides a good opportunity for international students to learn Chinese.

  1. Centre of technology

The future development of Malaysia depends largely on technology. A representative of the Multimedia Development Agency said that one of the major areas is "high-end engineering research and development", where DHL has set up a research and development centre in Malaysia. In fact, Malaysia’s economic reforms in the past 50 years since independence have largely been attributed to its technological development. Those who choose to study Computer Science or Information Technology in Malaysia can expect an attractive salary.

  1. Affordability

Although Malaysia provides high-quality education, it is surprising that the tuition and cost of living in Malaysia are relatively low compared to other popular destinations of education. For example, the tuition and living costs of Malaysian universities are only about one-third of those studying in the US or Australia. To decide where to study, cost is one of the important factors that must be considered, so Malaysia may be attractive to students in terms of the cost of studying abroad. Moreover, with the money saved, you can enjoy it by visiting the ultimate shopping destination in Kuala Lumpur.

  1. A peaceful country

Malaysia is voted as one of the most peaceful countries among 20 countries and students are expected to experience this. The people here are very welcoming, caring and very friendly to outsiders. Those who may feel sad and homesick from leaving their country or even parents will feel more at ease with this. At the same time, the weather in Malaysia is not extreme, so you don't have to worry about packing a lot of luggage!

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