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Why The Happiness Index of Malaysia So High?

  1. Multicultural community

The most unique feature of Malaysia is the multi-racial integration in the country. Here, you can experience the cultural essence of three major Asian civilizations – Malay, Chinese and Indian. This also includes the indigenous minorities such as the Kadazandusun and Iban communities. The traditional cultures of the nation also constitutes the unique cultural charm of Malaysia.

Islam is the official religion in Malaysia. The majestic mosques with other religious buildings can be found in the country. Walking on the streets in Malaysia, you can experience the symphony of unique and exotic intertwine of various cultures such as the Malay, Chinese and Indian cultures.

  1. A beautiful culture

“Nyonya, the term borne from a seemingly lingering romance”

Baba Nyonya refers to the descendants of the marriage between the Chinese from the mainland and the Malays. Men are called Baba and the women are called Nyonya. The unique Nyonya culture has since formed since the fusion of Chinese traditional culture and Malay culture from many years back.

The Baba Nyonya community is known to be a master of cooking for generations. While having inherited the taste from the ancestors, they have since developed a fresh taste which gradually gives birth to the Nyonya cuisine.

The unique cooking technique combines both Chinese cuisine with spices known in the Southeast Asian region, and the rich imagination gives the unique flavour and flamboyant colour of the Nyonya cuisine.

  1. Food paradise

Bright colours and rich flavours are two characteristics of the Malaysian cuisine. The food culture here combines the influence of Asian and European cultures, combining the culinary skills of different ethnic groups with local ingredients to create a unique Malaysian dish.

Whether you are going to a luxurious hotel or a street stall, the variety of delicious food is at your fingertips.

In Malaysia, the biggest obstacle between you and food is the capacity of your stomach.

Bak kut the, nasi lemak, fish head curry, durian… No matter how picky one is, one can find delicious food in Malaysia. The seductive scent of the streets and lanes will definitely make the restless diners bow down.

  1. Quality education

Malaysia is a member of the Commonwealth and inherits a good education system from the United Kingdom.

The unique double degree programme allows students to study in Malaysia while enjoying the same educational resources as the top universities in Europe and America. After graduation, they can obtain an internationally recognised certificate from the United Kingdom and the United States.

The cost of living in Malaysia is relatively low and most private schools in the country teach in English.

Students can improve on their English speaking and listening skills but as many Malaysians speak Chinese and the Chinese culture is strong too, Chinese students can adapt well.

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